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Voice Recap: Yseult Polfliet Mukantabana

Voice Recap: Yseult Polfliet Mukantabana

Voice Recap: Yseult Polfliet Mukantabana

OKREAL x Voice

We’re collaborating with Voice: a carbon neutral NFT platform for emerging creators. Voice allows creators to mint and sell NFTs with zero gas fees on one of the most efficient blockchains. Their public beta launches summer 2021. We're thrilled to be bringing this IG Live series to you which celebrates creators.

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Watch this conversation in full, here.

The Highlights

“I've come to peace with the fact that I’m multi-faceted in what I do. Today there are so many ways to be more than one thing. I think you have to embrace the gifts and abilities that you’ve been given, and understand that you don't have to fall into one definition. When you have the courage to do that for yourself, you stop needing to convince yourself of something that you’re not. You don’t have to battle in explaining yourself to people. You’re just doing the best that you can in everything that you love.”

“I’ve nurtured this fake it till you believe it idea. It’s not fake it till you make it - because I will make it - it’s really about faking it til you believe it. That hugely helps my fear and my imposter syndrome. I know that people come with their own insecurities and will whisper fear into the things that you want to do, not because they’re ill intentioned, but because they have their own hurdles. And if I keep that in mind, I never feel the need to have to justify myself to people.”

“Four years ago I became sober, I did a lot of internal work, I went to therapy and I turned to faith. And by doing so, I turned to genuine loving communities that inspired me and made me feel safe and able to move forward. I think it's really important to try to understand where your fear is coming from so you can put it aside, and introspection has allowed me to do that.”

“I think that as it stands, the system of the art world is a scam. It's super elitist, guarded, white and wealthy. I think that NFTs are going to challenge this archaic idea of what we think art is and what how the art world functions. I think NFTs are going to disrupt the system and are going to force a fusion between the status quo and the future of art. I’m excited for NFTs to open up ground for artists that don't currently have the opportunity to be represented - and bring a new wave to the industry.”

“We need to be kind to ourselves, to nurture our mental health and curate our surroundings: by which I mean the people that we have around us. I think of it as in: healthy soil means beautiful flowers. We're that seed, and we need to plant ourselves in soil that's promising and nourishing. And if that's good then we're good: and the universe will bring us to where we need to be.”