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OKREAL supports women in building an indestructible sense of self worth, which we believe is foundational to all forms of success in life. Through panels, workshops, online content and mentorship, we teach our community how to define and create their versions of fulfillment, and help cultivate the support and resilience they need in order to do so. The big picture? OKREAL is dedicated to catalyzing systemic change in how women value themselves, and are therefore valued in the world. For women to get ahead, we need power. There is no power without self-worth.


I'm Amy: community builder, connecter and storyteller committed to giving you the courage and connection you need to take charge of your life. I launched OKREAL in 2014 because I wanted to do this for myself but didn’t know how. So I started collecting and sharing the stories of women who I looked up to. This was the impetus for OKREAL; a curation of wisdom shared by strong, smart women.

The business evolved, as did I alongside it. Then in 2017, shit got really real. My life as I knew it shattered unexpectedly, and I was forced to put my own beliefs into practice: rebuilding my life on the philosophies that women of OKREAL had shared with me over the years. I experienced the power of this community in real time, and my determination to live my life the way I wanted to skyrocketed—as my mother said at the time: “This is very on brand, darling!"

This is my mission: to show you how to decide who you are, and to not let anyone or anything get in the way.

I know what it’s like to be interested in a multitude of things and not know what to focus on, to build a business from a brave and quiet list in your notes app, to receive a hundred no’s for every yes, to pillage your savings account for a nebulous idea that you believe in but no-one else does, to be far away from family, to turn a passion project into something profitable, to be blindsided along the way, to suck it up and keep going, to raise a baby on one continent and a business on another, and to choose, every day, to be fiercely accountable for yourself and move forward.

My hope is that OKREAL makes the ride a bit easier, or at least less lonely.


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