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Voice Recap: Emonee LaRussa

Voice Recap: Emonee LaRussa

Voice Recap: Emonee LaRussa

OKREAL x Voice

We’re collaborating with Voice: a carbon neutral NFT platform for emerging creators. Voice allows creators to mint and sell NFTs with zero gas fees on one of the most efficient blockchains. Their public beta launches summer 2021. Follow @VoiceHQ on social media for updates. We're thrilled to be bringing this IG Live series to you which celebrates creators.

Watch this conversation in full with Emonee LaRussa text: here.)

The Highlights

“I got into the NFT space earlier this year and it’s been life-changing for me. I love doing music visuals, and before the introduction of NFTs—all of my work on Instagram was done for free. The idea that I could get paid for that digital creation, outside of my standard client work, never occurred to me.”

“NFTs have allowed me to achieve my goal of creating a nonprofit for youth wanting to get into digital art, but without the means to do so. Digital art is an expensive craft—and then when we wonder why there’s a lack of of black and brown people who end up in our industry. Kids shouldn’t be left out because they can’t afford to get involved in the first place. Before I was able to monetize my work through NFTs, my non-profit was an unattainable goal—but now it’s become a reality.”

“In terms of how I got to where I am, the advice I would give is to never downplay how crazy your life could be just by posting on the internet. I’ve always been passionate about music but am a terrible musician, so creating videos was a way for me to be involved in the music community without actually making music. I would constantly create fan art, and one day I posted a graphic on Twitter for the band The Internet. They came across it, one thing led to another, and I ended up working with them. That opened the door to all of the other artists I’ve worked with since.”

“When you’re creating art of any kind, while there might not be the guarantee of a certain number of likes or other external markers of success—there is always the guarantee of getting better at your craft. And if you maintain that consistency, one day you’re going to be able to charge a lot more than the next person.”

“Something I wish I’d know from the beginning is how important mental health is when you’re putting art out into the world. How you receive and interpret feedback on your work is going to hugely depend on your state of mind when you put it out there. If you’re not in a good place mentally, you’re going to feel any kind of rejection in such a bigger way. Before putting any work out into the world, you should be asking yourself: 'Am I happy with the way that I feel right now? Am I in a good headspace?' When you are happy with yourself first, you become such a better artist.”

“In terms of how I work on my own wellbeing, I think doing things with intention is so important. When I wake up every day, I don’t check my phone. I walk outside, breathe, and say three things I’m grateful for. I know it sounds super cheesy but it actually works. And whenever I hit a low point, I can always go back to those things I have to be grateful for.”