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The Recap: Alycia Rainaud

The Recap: Alycia Rainaud

Voice Recap: Alycia Rainaud

OKREAL x Voice

We’re collaborating with Voice: a carbon neutral NFT platform for emerging creators. Voice allows creators to mint and sell NFTs with zero gas fees on one of the most efficient blockchains. Their public beta launches summer 2021. Follow @VoiceHQ on social media for updates. We're thrilled to be bringing this IG Live series to you which celebrates creators.

Watch this conversation in full with Alycia Rainaud here.

The Highlights

“My work focuses on creating abstract images that resonate with how I'm feeling. They’re meant to be meditative pieces for people to dive into and experience with their own feelings. My practice is based on bringing more mental health sensitivity to the world, and bringing more awareness to emotional intelligence in general. When I first started I was more focused on simply creating imagery, but now I feel like my work is more an expression of my own beliefs, and is more intentional in that way.”

“In terms of how I categorize myself, 10 years ago there were more definitive titles like ‘graphic designer’ or 'web designer’, but now everything is kind of merging together. I feel like it’s easier to blur those boundaries, because everything is essentially a product of the same creative process. As human beings we’re constantly shifting and I don’t think we need to define ourselves with singular titles.”

“I had always liked the idea of having my own distinct style, but at the time I wanted to experiment with different aesthetics. But evolving and eventually sticking to a distinct style has definitely helped me to carve out my own space. Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it's curse in the times I want to do something different. There’s always the fear of not being well received, and I do like offering my community work that they’re familiar with. I think it’s comforting for your audience to experience a consistency in the work you’re offering them.”

“The introduction of NFTS have empowered me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. There’s been a lot to navigate as it’s a new space, including backlash, but ultimately they’ve allowed me to create work outside of just client projects.”

“NFTS have reconnected me with my original intention with my work: which has always been about helping others through visuals, as well as being a way to ground myself. If you’re always caught up with client work, you can lose sight of why you started producing art in the first place. So crypto art and NFTS have allowed me to refocus on what I love to do most. Despite the challenges that come with something new, I feel more compete as an artist and more closer to my work than ever.”

“I think the most important advice I could give to any emerging artist is to remember what you’ve been through and to lean on your experiences as those will inform the way you create. There will be a lot of tough days and you need to remember why you started, and reconnect with your original purpose.”

“Finally, look for community and create connections. That is how you will feel supported, that is how you will survive.”