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OKLIVE #5: Girls Gotta Eat

OKLIVE #5: Girls Gotta Eat

Conversations with great people

OKLIVE #5: Girls Gotta Eat

Rayna Greenberg &
Ashley Hesseltine

To be wild is to be free and to be free is something we are all missing—or have perhaps found in different forms.

To be wild is to be untamed. I’ve been reading Glennon Doyle Melton’s Untamed which, in essence, can be summed up in this quote: What the world needs is masses of women who are entirely out of control.

To be wild is to be ourselves. In honor of when we are at our wildest: I’m speaking with Girls Gotta Eat Podcast hosts Rayna Greenberg & Ashley Hesseltine about all of your questions re: Sex, Love & Quarantine.

Send your questions here to join the growing list:

— Is it considered having sex at work if you’re having sec while working from home?
— How to communicate with stubborn partners?
— How do you not come on too strong in the honeymoon period?

Tune in on April 22nd, 8PM EST | 5PM PST at @heyokreal!

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