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Hey friends,

I’m writing this email from my couch in New Zealand in my pyjamas. Things here are far less terrifying than the rest of the world, but the impending doom is starting to seep through our national psyche—this low-key ‘it’s only a matter of time’ feeling as we watch the rest of the world in horror.

Obviously owning an events based business in New York is LESS THAN IDEAL right now, but I feel extremely grateful to have only income and career compromised—not health or family. So. Where to from here? Community and connection are foundational to what we do and while circumstance has changed, what we stand for has not.

I want to know what you’re going through right now and how I / OKREAL can help.

Something we’ve had in the works for a while now is our Mentor Circle Academy course—which teaches you how to build community through mentor circles. It literally promotes GATHERING IN GROUPS. We were about to do a huge launch. Today on the phone to my team I was like, this is now illegal. It’s almost comical.

My proposed solution is to create a new module in the course which teaches you how to:

~Run mentor circles online and develop a digital community
~why this is EXACTLY the time to stay connected (which means more than scrolling through Instagram in dread)

In addition, we're working on a REAL RESET course which teaches you how to reclaim your Purpose, Peace, and Power.

But I’m unsure as to whether this is of interest right now, or if this is what you need.

For that reason, I’ve set up a survey to get your feedback, here.

I want to talk with everyone who submits an answer.

If you send through feedback, you’ll get access to a live Zoom call with me and the rest of the OKREAL community who responded.

We're also asking you to share your business information so we can shout you out in our future newsletters and social—connecting and supporting our community is our top priority.

During our live call, we will:

~Connect on what we’re going through and offer suggestions on how we’re coping
~Discuss what our community needs are given new circumstance
~Support one another by sharing resources on what’s helping us personally
~Post calI, I’ll send out a recap worksheet of tips, exercises and resources to help us get through this, together.

This call will be held MONDAY 23RD MARCH, 4PM—5PM EST.

All who submit responses to the survey will be able to join anytime between 4—5PM EST.

You'll receive your cal invite by EOD Sunday 22nd, or in real time on Monday 23rd as we collect responses.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Trust I’ll be doing some Zoom tutorials over the next few days.

If this is of no interest, this is what you can expect from us over the next few weeks / months:

~Weekly newsletters focusing on wisdom, strength and tips from all of the stories we’ve featured on OKREAL over the years
~Grouping these into themes like Fear, Overcoming Obstacles, Hope—let us know what you want to read more of and we’ll include it⁣
~Currently figuring out how we can work with our partners to deliver livestream talks in lieu of in-person panels⁣

I’m here for you. You can talk to me here, here, or here.

Stay safe,

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