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Lauren Ash & Millana Snow

Lauren Ash & Millana Snow


Lauren Ash & Millana Snow

Event recap

Our third episode of #GIRLSTALKREAL with Lou & Grey features Lauren Ash (Founder of Black Girl in Om) and Millana Snow (Founder of Wellness Official). We talked about surrounding ourselves with people who have an abundant mindset, and how the whole paradigm of self-care must shift for us to live our best lives. Check out episode highlights below and watch the full episode on Lou & Grey.

“From a very young age, my mom told me that I was supposed to create on my own terms and be my own boss.” —Lauren Ash

“I set the tone of my days by asking, ‘How do I want to feel today? What do I know that’s coming up this week? How do I want to approach this energetically?’ It makes me feel grounded and strong. It’s my daily practice.” —Millana Snow

“The word ‘goal’ can become a trap because it’s something that you have to attain, and therefore feels like you are missing something. That whole paradigm has to shift for us to live the lives that we want to live. I can feel the way I choose to feel, whether I’ve achieved a particular goal or not.” —Millana Snow

“It’s about choice. I can choose my intention every second of every day regardless of external circumstances.” —Lauren Ash

“I don’t want to play small. If I have to play small, then clearly I’m not in the right crowd. Be around people who are abundant. I want to play big: we all want to be our full, authentic selves.” —Millana Snow

“There are discrepancies in pay as black women. I’ve learned a lot around my own worthiness, deservedness, and not being afraid of saying no.” —Lauren Ash

“Fulfillment is found in every moment. No moment is more important than this moment right now. Feel peace in knowing that this current moment is the only one that matters.” —Millana Snow

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