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A Life That Works

A Life That Works


A Life That Works


Inspired by the Cheryl Strayed quote: “You don’t have a career, you have a life,” we hosted a West Coast panel in partnership with Women & Whiskies, Vrai & Oro and THINX, featuring Vanessa Stofenmacher (Founder of Vrai & Oro), Nitsa Citrine (Founder of Sun Potion), and Lindsay Parton (Founder of Alchemy Works). At the beautiful Alchemy Works store we discussed how to enjoy the process of reaching your career goals, how to clarify your next move, and what it means when your work and your life are one.

“To get to where I’m at today, I’ve had to constantly come from a place of love, service, and trusting the process.” —Nitsa Citrine

“Each step teaches you something about the next place you’re headed. Set the bar higher with each step you take.” —Lindsay Parton

“Use your failures to your advantage. See them as opportunities to propel yourself into something that will work.” —Vanessa Stofenmacher

“Follow your excitement. Put your attention wherever it is and pursue the projects that make you feel excited when you wake up in the morning.” —Nitsa Citrine

“As an entrepreneur you never completely shut off. You figure out life and business as one thing together.” —Lindsay Parton

“Building a business is not going to be what you expect. It can be really detrimental to have certain expectations of how it’s all going to work out. When you’re doing something that hasn’t been done before, keeping an open mind is the best practice.” —Vanessa Stofenmacher

“I stay tuned in to the things that give me infinite energy. Looking for those things has been a helpful way for me to navigate what I should be focusing on.” —Nitsa Citrine

“The better you are doing personally, the better you can lead the people around you.” —Lindsay Parton

“Sometimes I love to commit to a far fetched goal so that I can creatively work my way through and figure out how to make it happen.” —Nitsa Citrine

“It can be a huge step to transition your side hustle into a business. You have to earn it. It can be really hard to jump to step 3 if you haven’t taken step 1 and 2.” —Lindsay Parton

“There are very tangible rituals that I prioritize. When I feel out of sync, I know exactly why I’m out of sync. Health is usually the reason. If I stop my routines, you do not want to deal with me at work!” —Vanessa Stofenmacher

“Articulate your goals, but don’t become too attached to them. So much magic comes from the act of surrender. Whatever goals you may have, you also need to accept where you are right now.” —Nitsa Citrine

“Be serious about every relationship and every introduction. You don’t know where or who it might lead you to. ” —Lindsay Parton

“I thrive in chaos at work, but my balance comes from my home life. My home is my sanctuary.” —Vanessa Stofenmacher

“If I’m feeling overwhelmed or lost, I try to center myself and focus on what I am grateful for in the moment. Then, I flip back to reality. It helps.” —Nitsa Citrine

“I think of creating a career for myself as walking down a path that hasn’t been paved. You need to push things out of your way. That’s the beauty of it and it’s what you sign up for when you want to create something new.” —Vanessa Stofenmacher

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